Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ghost llama package of the week!

Thursday, July 29, 2010 0
*knockknock* Your parcel has arrived. ;D It's a double flashing llama!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ghost Llama Super Special!

Thursday, July 22, 2010 0
Since nothing too exciting has happened today, I (Lume) have a special delivery of ghost llama goodness! Enjoy the llamaness, dear people:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams...And Chuck

Friday, July 16, 2010 0

Dreams: How would he win against the oil? o.o
Lume: It's the oil company. He will block the spillage and reign justice on their souls! (AKA, kick their asses)
Dreams: I think he should just kick the pipe shut. That would solve everything. *nods*
Lume: True, but less fun. Imagine actually *being* Chuck Norris You're just this regular guy, and suddenly people give you supa powers.
Dreams: I think we should do that. *dramatic look* Just pick someone random and make so many "cool" jokes about them that they gain popularity and... and...
Lume: Duuude...YES
Dreams: *shifty eyes* Andrew? He's a giant, "badass" Mexican.

(On the topic of Ghost Llamas...)

  • Lume: We're insane. Who else would even CARE that the llama flashed funny?
  • Dreams: The hobo who likes getting seizures?!
  • Lume: Welllll...If he actually HAS a computer.
  • Dreams: Yeahhh..
  • Lume: In his cardboard box under the freeway. I think of him as maybe having one of those old TVs constantly set on that static channel
  • Dreams:"Oh my God... THAT DOT! *points* It.. it wasn't there last time...! THEY ARE HERE! OH GREAT ALIEN OVERLORDS, WHAT DO YOU COMMAND?!"
    "...I SHALL OBEY!"
  • Lume:ROFL What is that from?
  • Dreams: My mind. 88DD
  • Lume:My llama! That. Was. BRILLIANT!

Later that day...
  • Dreams: DUDE-- off topic, but I SWEAR the TV just yelled, "TOILET RAPE".
  • Lume:Maybe a politician from like, Maine. OMG WHAT? Toilet...rape..HOW THE HELLS BELLS DOES THAT EVEN...?*snickers*
  • Dreams: I have no idea but I have to pee and I'm terrified.
  • Lume:You just scarred me for life from the toilet.
  • Dreams: If I don't come know what happened.

5 minutes later...

  • Dreams:BACK!!
  • Dreams:YAYYY!!! *hugs back*
  • Lume:*sniffle* What a beautiful mom- SQUIRREL! *head snaps back*
  • Dreams:You bitch. D<
  • Lume: I ams not, I ams your favorite friendy-friend
  • Dreams: Bitch = female dog in this case. ;;D
  • Lume:...OH, you're good...*strokes beard* Verrryyy goood

The Attack of the Ghost Llamas

  • Hi y'all, this is Lume, and today I have an extra special story about ghost llamas. Now, Dreams and I were just chatting away today, and I posted a little llama smiley. I noticed the background behind it was blinking in a seizure-inducing way, so I said so.
  • Dreams was puzzled at this, and sent me a screenshot. On her message, there were no flashes of doom. How strange, you might say.
  • So I proceeded to try and send her a screenshot of my view. I got as far as searching 'llama' and then msn crashed. I tried again, and posted another llama. I noticed now that the background flashes of the llama had changed color, due to me logging on and off.
  • I was, at the time, and you can understand, quite afraid that I had been cursed by some witch who wanted to make me have a seizure by ghost llamas. So I tried to send another screenshot to Dreams. MSN crashed yet again, and I was more afraid.
  • I continued to log on and off, posting llamas each time. and decided to make a llama collage. So here it is for your enjoyment: The Curse of the Ghost Llama!- Part one
    • (After a while, I had to stop being annoying to Dreams, so I began to send llamas to Andrew. If this llama fad lasts, I shall post some once a week. Hoorah! ;D)

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