Friday, July 16, 2010

The Attack of the Ghost Llamas

Friday, July 16, 2010
  • Hi y'all, this is Lume, and today I have an extra special story about ghost llamas. Now, Dreams and I were just chatting away today, and I posted a little llama smiley. I noticed the background behind it was blinking in a seizure-inducing way, so I said so.
  • Dreams was puzzled at this, and sent me a screenshot. On her message, there were no flashes of doom. How strange, you might say.
  • So I proceeded to try and send her a screenshot of my view. I got as far as searching 'llama' and then msn crashed. I tried again, and posted another llama. I noticed now that the background flashes of the llama had changed color, due to me logging on and off.
  • I was, at the time, and you can understand, quite afraid that I had been cursed by some witch who wanted to make me have a seizure by ghost llamas. So I tried to send another screenshot to Dreams. MSN crashed yet again, and I was more afraid.
  • I continued to log on and off, posting llamas each time. and decided to make a llama collage. So here it is for your enjoyment: The Curse of the Ghost Llama!- Part one
    • (After a while, I had to stop being annoying to Dreams, so I began to send llamas to Andrew. If this llama fad lasts, I shall post some once a week. Hoorah! ;D)


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