Sunday, May 30, 2010

Start a Revolution, then.

Sunday, May 30, 2010
  • Lume: HEY. I just pasted and BAM
  • Andrew: You're not Emeril!!!
  • Lume: ...WHO SAID?
  • Andrew: I SAID...Unless you wanna come make my dinner for me, and then I will, in return, work my magic fingers on your shoulders
  • Lume:Magic fingers. Huh. Well, you're not Emeril, either, buddy.
  • Andrew: No. But I'm the Sax God. Ask Kitsune. She knows about it ;D
  • Lume: We all know about your Saxiness, Adog
  • Andrew: I'm glad you recognized this
  • Lume: It was the revolution of my life, I promise you
  • Andrew: I start revolutions
  • Industrial revolution, that was me
  • Woodstock,that was me
  • Gay rights...
  • that was not me
  • Lume: Global warming. THAT WAS YOU.
  • Andrew: >> Shhh
  • Lume: Thank Goodness for the not you and the gay rights
  • Andrew: x3 I love Ladies too much *Scoots closer to you*
  • Lume: GAHHH... *cough* You, Andrew, are a predator.
  • Andrew: Only for cute little girls with dark hair... wait...No that's not quite right. I am not a predator D:
  • Lume: LMAO Adog...
  • Andrew: You luff me :3
  • Lume: Sure I do. Beautiful pitbull
  • Andrew: Sexy Lobster
  • Lume: Adorable hairtye
  • Andrew: Cute Q-tip
  • Lume: Copycating robot
  • Andrew: Juggling Mime
  • Lume: Ohhhh....Hairy Astronaut
  • Andrew: Shaven plumber
  • Lume: With his pants...ON DA GROUND!

Later that day...

  • Andrew:You want me all to yourself. >> But I dont mind that :3
  • Dreams: LOL No, I just don't want predators hunting Lume. ;P
  • Andrew: >> That excuse will hold for now, but I know your secret
  • Dreams: My secret is that I'm a homosexual man, 8'6" and hungry for Mexicans shorter than me..
  • Andrew: Dayum baby why didn't you say so sooner?
  • Dreams: ANDREW.


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