Monday, May 31, 2010

Wishy is a Sneaky Guy

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Date: September 29th, 2009

  • Lume: You, you fiend, are a bambozzle!
  • Dreams: I'm not subsidizing any of your shenanigans
  • Lume: ...Awww. Why not?
  • Dreams: Because I'll have to berate you for them, even if they make your euphoric.
  • Lume: My knowledge of shenanigans is indubitable
  • Dreams: You must amalgamate with me
  • Dreams: *shakes head* I grow weary from these.
  • Lume: These words are exuberating. Enthralling.
  • Dreams: *punches you* Enough.
  • Lume: ...Dreams... I mean, Delusion, I mean, Vision.. I exhalt immense words, you must not impair me for such
  • Dreams: ...
  • Lume: Okay, okay, I'll stop
  • Dreams: ...
  • Lume: .... *sniffle*
  • Dreams: *smirks*
  • Lume:*anger* *fury* *irritation* *antagonisim*
  • Dreams: *bites you*
  • Lume: Gah! Son of a...
  • Dreams: GAREWTEGFR. Dude.
  • Lume: ...
  • Dreams: Wishy the Star in Animal Crossing keeps flashing across the sky.
  • Lume: .... Loser

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Facebook isn't JUST for Stalkers, I Promise!

Sunday, May 30, 2010 0

Date: May 30th, 2010

  • Kitsune: Love the pirate setting.
  • Dreams: Yeah. XD Pirate setting on FB~! *tempts you to join FB*
  • Kitsune: Nevar, foo.
  • Dreams: Silly groups... JUST MAKE ONE AND ADD ME. D8
  • Kitsune: NO.
  • Dreams: *clings to your legs* PWEASE?!
  • Kitsune: Nevar.
  • Dreams: Why not? *pouts* *bats eyelashes*
  • Kitsune: NEVAR. Because it's stupid and I refuse to get caught up in social networking because I'm probably going to be one of those people that accidentally posts something stupid on their facebook and gets banned from every college in the known world outside of Zimbabwe but who the hell cares about Zimbabwe because their monetary system sucks.
    Seriously. They have billion dollar bills

    Dreams: It's not stupid. :-P It's a way of connecting. And you can use your nickname.
  • Kitsune: NUUUU.*stamps foot* *and stomps it* *y'know, for good measure*
  • Dreams: *pouts* I want to send you quizzes and funny groups and fan pages...
  • Kitsune: NO.
  • Dreams: and post funny things on your Wall...
  • Kitsune: NO.
  • Dreams: and show you pictures...
  • Kitsune: NO
  • Dreams: and make love to you.
  • Kitsune: N-Maybe.
  • Dreams: and have your babies...
  • Kitsune: NO.
  • Dreams: LMAO

    Later that day...

    • Lume: You know, you really should get a Facebook
    • Kitsune:Dreams set you up to this, didn't she?
    • Lume: Nah, she was just telling me about her quote and I thought (Yes, I had a thought) that you having a facebook would be a marvelous idea.
    • Kitsune: Pffft.You sound so matter-of-fact.
    • Lume: Swhat they call me. Anyway, Facebook is a lovely place
    • Kitsune: Where college digs up all the dirt.
    • Lume: Hey, then don't post, "LAST NIGHT I GOT SO FRIGGIN WASTED, DUDES!" On your wall. Not that you'd get, um, you know, wasted
    • Kitsune: Riiiight.
    • Lume: 8D
    • Kitsune: But what if they don't like that you like Jurassic Park as this year's top-played Christmas song?
    • Lume: Then they don't deserve to be called diverse colleges. I mean, they accept homosexuals, crossdressers, and even homosexual crossdressers, so why not a nice girl from Florida? *cough*
    • Kitsune: Where did homosexual crossdressers come from? o.O
    • Lume: I was thinking about terms for this guy I saw in walmart and that's what ended up as his description
    • Kitsune: O_o
    • Lume: Yeah, he was scary. I think colleges would rather avoid him than you. Unless you have bankrobbing in your past...

Start a Revolution, then.

  • Lume: HEY. I just pasted and BAM
  • Andrew: You're not Emeril!!!
  • Lume: ...WHO SAID?
  • Andrew: I SAID...Unless you wanna come make my dinner for me, and then I will, in return, work my magic fingers on your shoulders
  • Lume:Magic fingers. Huh. Well, you're not Emeril, either, buddy.
  • Andrew: No. But I'm the Sax God. Ask Kitsune. She knows about it ;D
  • Lume: We all know about your Saxiness, Adog
  • Andrew: I'm glad you recognized this
  • Lume: It was the revolution of my life, I promise you
  • Andrew: I start revolutions
  • Industrial revolution, that was me
  • Woodstock,that was me
  • Gay rights...
  • that was not me
  • Lume: Global warming. THAT WAS YOU.
  • Andrew: >> Shhh
  • Lume: Thank Goodness for the not you and the gay rights
  • Andrew: x3 I love Ladies too much *Scoots closer to you*
  • Lume: GAHHH... *cough* You, Andrew, are a predator.
  • Andrew: Only for cute little girls with dark hair... wait...No that's not quite right. I am not a predator D:
  • Lume: LMAO Adog...
  • Andrew: You luff me :3
  • Lume: Sure I do. Beautiful pitbull
  • Andrew: Sexy Lobster
  • Lume: Adorable hairtye
  • Andrew: Cute Q-tip
  • Lume: Copycating robot
  • Andrew: Juggling Mime
  • Lume: Ohhhh....Hairy Astronaut
  • Andrew: Shaven plumber
  • Lume: With his pants...ON DA GROUND!

Later that day...

  • Andrew:You want me all to yourself. >> But I dont mind that :3
  • Dreams: LOL No, I just don't want predators hunting Lume. ;P
  • Andrew: >> That excuse will hold for now, but I know your secret
  • Dreams: My secret is that I'm a homosexual man, 8'6" and hungry for Mexicans shorter than me..
  • Andrew: Dayum baby why didn't you say so sooner?
  • Dreams: ANDREW.

Hungry for Wha?


  • Dreams: Omg... I'm so hungry. Why am I so hungry? LMAO this reminds of me of the Supernatural episode because everyone was hungry for things...

  • Lume: OMG I am starvvving. I didn't have lunch and played dodgeball right before lunch.
    Ravenous. Ewww... Don't eat anyone, kay?

  • Dreams:Or maybe it's because I'm watching Man v.s. Food. Okay. :3

  • Lume: How come I don't trust you?

  • Dreams: LMAO. ;D Well if a sexy ass guy comes along, I might take a nibble...

  • Lume: LMAO

Dominance and Darth

Date: May 30th, 2010
  • Lume: You just have to be dominate, don'tcha?
  • Dreams: *bobs eyebrows*
  • Lume: NOT THAT WAY. Not with the whip and the black leather and the Darth Vader mask and the 'You've been a bad boy!'
  • Dreams: You don't have to dominate in that way either.

  • Lume: *cough* Anyway...Mondegreen Dreams. Mondegreen is such a cool word.

  • Dreams: I forget what it means.

  • Lume: It's a word that means a misheard saying or phrase, like if you said, "I like cupcakes." and I heard, "I like buttcakes," That would be a mondegreen. OH YES, I WENT THERE, BUTTCAKE.

    Later that day...

  • Kitsune: You've been a bad girl, Lume. Though I'm not going to ask why you associate Darth Vader with bondage


  • Kitsune: LMAO

  • Lume: Well...I can just see a lady you know, wearing practically nothing except for boots, and then there's this Darth Vader mask and very creepy voice, "*CRRR POO* You've been a baud boy. *CRR POO*"

  • Kitsune: And then the whip crackles through the air!

  • Lume: And she falls on her skull because her head is full of air and cannot hold up the weight of the mask *CrrrCLUNK*

The Pros and Cons of Pizza for Life

Date: May 30th, 2010

  • Lume: Okay, I just thinking about this a minute ago. What's the policy on all this 'for life' stuff? I mean, what happens if you win pizza for life, then WHAM! you're dead. What's the warranty? I mean, it's not really pizza for life, then...more like pizza for death. Do your children get pizza for life then? Can you pass it on? Or is the pizza over? What if they get people to design stuff, hoping for pizza for life, and then they kill em off so they don't have to give away free pizza?Same with gas. What if they die in a car accident? Is the company liable for giving them the fuel that killed them?
  • Dreams: I get what you're saying... I'm guessing it's only for the one person... Though, they wouldn't assassinate anyone unless they were a big eater...

  • Lume: Yeah, but man, if you get pizza for life, you might as well get tons for your friends too. That's probably about 200,000 pizzas in what, 25 years? I dunno

  • Dreams: Yeah which is why they would assassinate you to save money on their business. Because basically, the pizza place would be your bitch if you won pizza for life.

  • Lume: Exactly. Man...This has been intellectually stimulating. The pizza place would be your bitch? *snicker*

  • Dreams: And it's true.You can walk in and say, "Give me 25 pizza, bitches! *flashes PIZZA FOR LIFE card*They'd have to do it.
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